Offer Customers Financing
to Increase Sales:

Say Yes to Every Sale

Close every sale by offering instant, affordable financing solutions to your customers.

Multiple lenders give your customers the highest approval rates and the most flexible payment options.

Increase The Size of Every Sale

Divide expensive purchases into affordable monthly installments and give your customers
more buying power.

Give your customers the freedom to buy now and pay later, increasing average order values.

Guaranteed Payment for Every Sale

With Vendigo you receive payment immediately after work is completed.

Spend your time wisely - eliminate bad debt and never again chase late paying customers.




After 2 weeks as a Vendigo Partner, I had a customer who needed a major car repairment. The customer was happy, when I offered him financing through Vendigo. This way, he didn’t have to worry about one large payment. The team at Vendigo is always nice and ready to help, both when I call - but also when my customers call.
Total Autoservice



Vendigo is simple and user friendly! We had it quickly incorporated in our company, and we are happy to offer it as an extra service to our customers - so everyone can get high quality work. Balthervin was awarded Builder of the Year 2015 and 2016 in Denmark.
Murerfirmaet Balthervin



I have used Vendigo 6 times in less than a month. My customers are happy, when I present the opportunity to get quality work without blowing the budget. With Vendigo, anyone can get quality work done, and it takes me less than 1 minute to send the application form to the customer.
Malergruppen Aros ApS

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