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Polar Bear Windows Case Study

Established: 2014, 
Industry: Glazing, 
Region: Bristol

Polar Bear Windows started offering point-of-sale financing in a bid to keep up with their local competitors. Three years later, they haven’t just caught up but are one step ahead of their competition when it comes to offering the right products, the best possible customer experience and growing a sustainable business in an industry with tight margins.

Hence, when she came across Vendigo’s multi-lender/multi-product offering, she was in no doubt that it could help Polar Bear Windows attract and offer financing to a completely new customer segment. But more importantly, it also helped that Vendigo delivered valuable insight on the true return on investment of offering finance, changing the attitude of the business from seeing POS finance as a cost to an incredible sales tool. Just like hiring a great salesperson can be expensive, the return you get is that much greater.

“After we started using Vendigo we were no longer playing catch up anymore but leading the pack because we can offer products such as 2 years interest free credit and Buy Now, Pay Later,”

Michelle says and continues,

“We have sold more on financing over the last 3 months with Vendigo than over the past two years with our former provider.”

Improving customer service

Polar Bear Windows has always been a customer-centric company that strives to deliver the best service possible, as indicated by their very strong review on sites such as Which?. Historically this wasn’t easy with a point-of-sale finance system that required customers to travel to Polar Bear Windows’ offices to complete an application. With Vendigo it has become much easier to maintain a consistently high level of customer service by making it much easier and faster for the customers to apply:

“Before it would take a customer up to 30 minutes to complete an application at our offices, and then they would have to wait another 30 minutes to receive notification that their application had been approved.”

Michelle explains and finishes:

“Vendigo’s loan application is much simpler than what we are used to and takes just a few minutes. You just select the financing terms you agreed upon, type in the customer’s email address and that’s really it. Our customers are a lot more comfortable completing the application in the privacy of their home, which has really boosted the interest.”

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