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Interest free vs Interest bearing

When it comes to home installations, finance payment options play a crucial role in helping homeowners achieve their desired improvements. Installers understand the importance of

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Warmzilla Case Study

If you’ve shopped around to buy a new boiler, it’s likely you will have seen WarmZilla, and their trusty mascot, Derek the Dinosaur. Founded in

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Heatable Case Study

Launched in 2017, online boiler installation platform Heatable has experienced strong and continued growth. A key part of their success has been their constant striving

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John Wilkinson Heating Services Case Study

When John Wilkinson Heating Services (JWHS) first trialled point of sale finance in 2015 they installed around 100 boilers a year. Since then, the business has not looked back and in 2018 installed well over 900 boilers – incredible growth over just three years and with more than 70% of their total sales done on financing today it has chiefly been driven by offering customers more flexible payment options.

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Polar Bear Windows Case Study

Polar Bear Windows started offering point of sale financing in a bid to keep up with their local competitors. Three years later, they haven’t just caught up but are one step ahead of their competition when it comes to offering the right products, the best possible customer experience and growing a sustainable business in an industry with tight margins.

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